As parents, we sometimes found ourselves unsure in our parenting role. Our children can express sadness, anger, can suddenly have a complete different pattern of behaviors that leaves us puzzled. Communication can become an issue and we struggle to re-establish good communication in our family.

Finding support in these moments with a non-judgmental approach and hands-on solutions, helps parents to be back on track, be confident again in their parenting skills and resume a peaceful family life.

I offer individual (parents or child) and family appointments for those who feel that support is needed at this point of life.


I have designed Parental workshops to offer the opportunity to parents to understand their child better. 

During those workshops, we explain the child's major developmental steps and share ideas of suitable Montessori activities.

Parents are given the opportunity to talk about their daily struggles and happy moments of parenthood in a warm and welcoming environment.

- Confidentiality


- Parental support

- No-judgmental approach

- Respectful environment

- Workshops tailored to suit parents needs and daily life

- The opportunity to book a one-to-one appointment for a personalised follow-up.

Upcoming workshops

Dec 25, 2018

10:00am - noon

Helper workshop : for 0 - 3 years old children

This workshop will be held in English over 3 sessions on the 26 - 27 and 28th of December.

We will explore the Montessori philosophy and talk about children's developmental milestones. Age-appropriate activities, in link with Montessori philosophy, will be presented.

This workshop includes 3 sessions, a booklet and a certificate of attendance.

Registration required - limited space

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